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Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint that allows for the creation of self-running presentations. Users can add narration to PowerPoint slides, import audio and video content and have the option of creating a survey or quiz at the end of a presentation.

Accessibility Barriers

  • An inaccessible PowerPoint presentation will result in an inaccessible Adobe Presenter presentation.
  • Unless the "pause after each animation" option — located in the playback tab of the settings dialog — is enabled, exit animations may leave a slide blank and prevent screen readers from being able to access content from exit animations.
  • Actions, objects, and other visual elements not described in the presentation will be inaccessible to screen reader users.
  • A PowerPoint that lacks a transcript of spoken content in the Outline pane for each slide will result in a presentation that is inaccessible to users who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and those whose equipment and/or environment do not support audio output.

Best Practices


  • Use unique heading titles for each slide.
  • Text included on slides should be included in the outline.
  • Use pre-defined PowerPoint slide templates rather than creating custom templates.


  • Charts, tables, and graphs should be inserted by selecting the appropriate slide layout or using the Insert menu.
  • Include alt text for images.
  • Include extended descriptions for charts and other graphics intended to convey information.


  • Use sans-serif fonts.
  • Use appropriate punctuation at the end of each bullet point.
  • Avoid using text boxes not in a pre-defined template.
    • Adaptive technology may interpret text boxes as inaccessible graphical elements.
    • screen readers will read text in the order created, not in the order in which it appears.
  • Use a color scheme that presents a sharp contrast between text and background.
  • Caption embedded video.

Additional Information

Enabling the "pause after each animation" option in the setting dialog under the playback tab will give screen reader users access to content from exit animations. If possible, any narration should directly reflect the text included in the slides.

The transcript for any narration should be included in the presenter notes pane in PowerPoint. This will allow the transcription to be displayed during an Adobe presentation.