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The University of Minnesota is committed to ensuring that all individuals have access to information and information technology associated with administration and services, courses of instruction, departmental programs, and University-sponsored activities.

By following design standards, acquiring appropriate hardware and software, and improving the technical environment, the University

  • sustains and improves access and services to students, faculty, staff and visitors— including those with disabilities;
  • makes University of Minnesota Web pages, information and services accessible to the widest possible audience — including users of old, adaptive, alternate, or emerging technologies.

Content Overview

Site content includes the following 7 categories, each represented by an icon used to identify category membership.

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Documents — includes information on accessibility barriers, best practices, and how to create accessible Microsoft Word, PDF, and Microsoft Excel documents.

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Presentation — includes information on accessibility barriers, best practices, and how to create accessible PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter, Apple Keynote and S5 online presentations.

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Multimedia — includes information on captioning, accessibility barriers, best practices, and how to create accessible Flash, QuickTime, Camtasia and Podcast media.

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Learning Technologies at the U — includes information on accessibility barriers and best practices for Moodle, Google Apps, MyU Portal, UMConnect Meeting, Clickers, UThink, and Wimba Voice Tools.

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Web Content — includes information on making Web pages and applications accessible. Includes a self-assessment tool.

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Laws, Policies and Guidelines — includes information on university policies, federal and state laws, and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines regarding accessibility.

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Adaptive Technologies — includes information on a variety of technologies available for making information accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Additional Icons

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Wrench icon — indicates "How To" articles.

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Additional resources icon — indicates additional information and resources.

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External resource icon — indicates a link is to a Web page outside of