Welcome to the University of Minnesota's Accessible U website, a support resource to help the University community cultivate more inclusive experiences on course sites, websites, Zoom meetings, documents, presentations, applications, and other digital products.

What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital Accessibility is achieved when all people can equitably access content on the web or in applications. 

Many of the applications we use to communicate, collaborate, and share enable accessibility, but access for all doesn't happen by default. Everyone who shares content in a digital format must take action to create an equitable experience for all.

Our Call to the U Community: Cultivate Inclusion in Digital Spaces

When we practice digital accessibility, we encourage our community to go beyond accommodating individual people with disabilities. Rather, our goal is to make content accessible to all at the point of creation, and in doing so, demonstrate one of our core values: that all people share equal rights to learn, work, and connect. 

Ultimately, digital accessibility helps advance the U's mission: