Email and Mass Email


Apply the 7 core skills to your email messages.

Dos and Don'ts


Follow the seven core skills of accessibility and other Dos and Don'ts for digital text and images. Especially remember to do the following:

  • Use heading tags, rather than simply changing the font style, size, weight, and other attributes.
  • Add alternative text for images that convey meaning or represent branding logos and other marks.
  • Hide decorative images using an empty alt attribute – alt="".
  • Be sure that the contrast between text and the background is significantly high.
  • Use relative (% and em), rather than absolute (px and pt), text sizing to allow recipients to adjust text size to meet their needs/preferences.
  • For ease in readability, text sizes should be a minimum of 14px.


  • Links should be clear and able to stand alone. Avoid links such as "click here," "read full article," more information" and so on.
  • Do not rely on color alone to convey information.