Access Measures

Please do not utilize this resource without permission from the OED Education Program. To request permission, email [email protected].

At the start of the event, we start with an access check.

  • Links are shared in chat to resources and the slides we are using today. Please note our slides are compatible with screen reading technology and are open access.
  • Captions have been enabled, please note that these captions are not perfect as these are auto-captions.
  • We invite you to turn on your video if you are able, especially during activities and dialogues, but understand that you may be in spaces where this may not be an option.
  • Please share your name when you unmute or share verbally in the Zoom space to help us identify who is speaking.
  • We invite you to use the chat function in Zoom during our time today to share. If you would like to share a question or comment anonymously you may private chat with anyone on the Education team, and we will do our best to share it anonymously into the space if you wish.
  • We know that some of you join while taking a walk, or occasionally move around your physical space while on zoom. We ask that you turn your video off while there is motion in your background to reduce distraction and motion sickness.
  • To help us and your fellow learners refer to each of you in the way that most validates or affirms your identity, we ask that folks use the zoom feature to change your display name to include your name, as you wish to be addressed, as well as your pronouns, if you feel comfortable sharing them.
  • We invite you to take care of yourself as necessary during today’s session and take breaks as needed.
  • If you need any assistance during the time in the Zoom space regarding access or otherwise, please connect with the host via private message.
  • Any feedback or issues with accessibility, please email us at [email protected].

Accessibility instructions for attendees

  • If you plan on speaking during the conference, make sure you have a good quality microphone or a headset with a microphone to ensure that the live captioner and the speakers can hear and understand you. Any live events (except the breakout sessions) will be live captioned.
  • Keep your microphone and camera off unless you are asked to unmute either.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.


Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns related to the conference's accessibility.