Take the Cultivate Inclusion Challenge


Most people who create content that isn't accessible simply aren't aware that they are excluding people from an equitable online experience. To help build Digital Accessibility awareness and skills, nominate yourself, a colleague, or a team to take the Cultivate Inclusion Challenge!

Challenge Activities

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Challenge Activities

Introduce a Digital Accessibility Topic to your Team at an Upcoming Meeting

Introduce digital accessibility concepts to your team at your next team meeting agenda. Some ideas for sharing are:

Pick a Topic from Accessibility.umn.edu to Present to Your Group

Examples include:

Prompt an Interactive Discussion

Choose from the following questions (or create your own)

  • On a scale of 1-10, how knowledgeable are you about digital accessibility? What would it take to move that up two?
  • Name 2-3 digital accessibility skills we could all practice starting today.
  • How does digital accessibility affect your individual work?
  • If you wanted to learn more about digital accessibility, what's the first step you'd take?
  • [Your ideas here.] 

Request a Cultivate Inclusion Presentation for Your Team or Department

Invite us to an upcoming meeting. Members of the Digital Accessibility community are available to give an overview of digital accessibility over Zoom. Complete the presentation request form and we'll work with you to schedule a presentation for your team or department. 

Take a Digital Accessibility Badging Program Course

The Digital Accessibility Badging Program teaches you how to create emails, slide decks, documents, and more in an accessible way, without using code.  In each self-paced online workshop, you will learn skills and apply them to your everyday work. You may choose to take as many workshops as you like. You will receive a digital badge highlighting the skills you demonstrated in the final project for each training. Learn more and enroll.

Learn and Practice a New Digital Accessibility Skill

Many resources are available to help you build skills in digital accessibility. Get started and help your colleagues do the same!

  • Explore this website (accessibility.umn.edu). People can decide where they want to start learning and practicing. See the menu and get started!
  • Take a course offered through the Digital Badging Program. The Foundations course helps set the context to learn skills. 

Attend Digital Accessibility Events (and Bring a Colleague)

Visit the Accessible U Events page for more details on Accessibility groups and events.


Find and Fix Digital Accessibility Issues in your Canvas Course

UDOIT scans your online course content, identifies possible accessibility issues, and guides you through the process of repairing the issues. 

  • UDOIT scan results are private; you will be the only person who sees them. 
  • UDOIT will provide step-by-step guidance to help you improve any issues that come up.  
  • You will have many opportunities to make your course content more accessible.

Note that correcting accessibility issues in your Canvas course can be an iterative process. One way may be to start by correcting all the “Links should be descriptive” errors. The tool will provide you with the location of the error and a suggestion for how to fix it.

Use UDoIt to Scan a Course for Accessibility Issues.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” -Maya Angelou