Accessible U Committee


The Accessible U website is governed by the Accessible U Committee, established in the spring of 2021. 


The committee makes recommendations to the Accessible U site product owner about how to govern the content, design, and promotion of the site so that it is usable, accessible, current, and reflects the recommendations and shared interests of UMN accessibility community groups and units.


The committee will consist of the Accessible U site product owner from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and up to 12 members from across the University.

Members as of August 2021
Name Unit Community Group Accessibility Area
Nancy Bertino University Relations, Twin Cities Not applicable Digital strategy, Folwell Design System training
Angela Carter Minnesota Transform, Institute for Advanced Studies, Twin Cities Critical Disability Studies Collective Teaching, learning, pedagogy
Christina Goodland OIT Communications, Twin Cities Not applicable Accessible U site product owner
Kellie Greaves OIT Communications, Twin Cities Accessibility Community of Practice Workgroup Steering Committee Documents, presentations, Cultivate Inclusion campaign manager
Jen DeMesquita OIT Application Development, Twin Cities Accessibility Ambassadors Web development and testing; Folwell Design System development
Steve Marvets Disability Resource Center, Twin Cities Not applicable Web testing
Khaled Musa OIT Academic Technologies, Twin Cities Accessibility Ambassadors, Accessibility Community of Practice Academic materials
Leah Villa OIT User Support, Twin Cities Accessibility Badging Program Areas covered in badging program

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Member Responsibilities

The Accessible U site product owner or a delegate will:

  • Schedule initial monthly meetings and quarterly meetings after our goverance processes are established.
  • Send the meeting agenda and call for topics three days before meetings.
  • Invite members who can’t attend to vote for big decisions via a form by a certain date.
  • Ask for a volunteer at each meeting to take notes.

Members will:

  • Solicit and pass on information from the community.
  • Review, research, and make recommendations about changes to the site.
  • Act as ambassadors of the site.
  • Be present, prepared, and engaged at meetings.
  • Honestly debate changes and support decisions.
  • Help ensure the site conforms to U accessibility, brand, security standards.

Membership Criteria

The committee will ideally include:

  • People with marginalized identities
  • A student and instructor
  • A representative from the Accessibility Community of Practice Workgroup Steering Committee, the Disability Badging Program, the Disability Resource Center, University Relations, and more than one system campus.

Members will ideally:

  • Demonstrate engagement with accessibility issues and goals of the Cultivate Inclusion campaign (start small, start now and keep learning more).
  • Have expertise or access to an expert in a particular type of content or accessibility area that rounds out the group.
  • Can commit to at least one semester of monthly meetings until our governance processes are established, and then quarterly thereafter.
  • Can accept some content review assignments or find a reviewer, and when stepping down as a committee member, suggest an alternate.

In 2021 when the committee is being established, members were recruited by word-of-mouth, but we will develop a recruiting process so all who are interested can apply in the future.