Text and Visuals


Follow our good practices to make both digital visuals and text as accessible as possible to the widest range of users.

Before the internet, "literacy" was associated primarily with being able to read and write text. But technology has made it much easier to include or create images and video. Website professionals now even debate which is better: Visuals or text?

Many argue that visuals are the best way to grab attention and communicate online. But others point out that there are advantages and disadvantages of both visuals and text, and ultimately, visuals and text must work together.

Combine Accessible Text and Visuals

At the University of Minnesota, we also must make both visual and textual content accessible to the widest range of users possible, and when necessary, provide alternative formats to those who request them.

We recommend that as you plan projects involving digital content, consider providing your information in multiple formats from the start so more people can access a format that works best for them.

Action Plan