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Accessibility—Essential to DEI Work

DEI work often focuses on increasing representation, applying equitable hiring processes and policies, and welcoming new voices and perspectives. We are all still working on these goals, but we need to realize that without including accessibility in this work, we fall short. Join us and see why accessibility is essential to the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Academic Ableism

If you’re invested in equitable education, attend the Accessibility Ambassadors December webinar presented by Angela M. Carter and Katie Loop. Participants will learn how to identify and challenge the particular ways that ableism shows up in higher education — also known as academic ableism.

Cultural Accessibility

Digital accessibility often focuses on technical standards and laws, but cultural and social dimensions are just as important for meaningful accessibility. In this webinar, Luke Kudryashov, from the Disability Resource Center, will introduce the concept of disability culture in relation to digital technologies and discuss ways everyone can contribute to a culture of accessibility in which people with disabilities feel valued and welcome.